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Teaching Your Child About Dental Care

In order for your child to maintain the proper dental care as an adult, it’s important to teach them the basics while they’re still young. That way, they grow up already in the habit of taking care of their teeth. But you may be wondering where to start? Here are a couple tips to help teach your child about dental care.

Make it Fun

Children respond positively to fun activities, so if you can make brushing their teeth into something fun rather than a chore, they’ll be more likely to want to brush their teeth each day. Play their favorite song while they’re brushing and say you want to see if they can brush their teeth for the entire song. That makes it into a game, while ensuring that they brush their teeth long enough to get them clean.

Make the Dentist Trip Less Scary

Part of teaching your children about how to take care of their teeth is to ensure they understand the importance of regular dental visits, so make trips to the dentist less scary. Reward them for a good visit with a trip to the playground, or by letting them play their favorite board game when they get home. You should also research dentists to ensure you’re choosing one that’s child friendly and has positive reviews.
These are a couple ways that you can instill proper dental hygiene in your children. For more on how to teach your kids about taking care of their teeth, contact Moana Dental Care in Reno at 775-827-8808.

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