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What is Perio Protect? 

Reasons to Switch to Sugar-Free Gum

Sugar-Free Gums
Gum is a low-calorie snack that provides oral health benefits for individuals who chew it. Unfortunately, many gum brands are filled with sugar, an ingredient that may promote bacteria and plaque growth in the mouth. That excessive plague can lead to severe issues with a person's overall dental health. 

Therefore, people who are concerned about their dental health should consider switching to sugar-free gum. Chewing sugar-free gum is one small step that a person can take towards improving their dental health and protecting their teeth. 

Gum Does Have Some Benefits 

The concept of chewing gum originated thousands of years ago when ancient people chewed sap and other sticky items. Individuals during this time believed that chewing was healthy for their jaws and teeth. And they were right, as modern dental experts have found that chewing gum can be beneficial for a person's overall dental health. 

For example, chewing gum triggers the production of saliva in the mouth. Extra saliva will wash away plaque, bacteria, and acid in the mouth. Unfortunately, modern gum manufacturers add sugar to their product to make it tastier. Unfortunately, that sugar negates the health benefits provided by chewing gum.

Sugary Gum Can Damage Oral Health

Foods with a high volume of sugar provide energy for plaque and bacteria growth in a person's mouth. And when sugar enters into the mouth, an acid attack is triggered. Acid attacks will spread, damaging oral acid through a person's mouth. Once inside the mouth, the acid will wear away at a person's teeth while bacteria and plaque continue to feed on the sugar. 

Unfortunately, acid attacks are often very intense when a person chews sugary gum. For example, one study found that an eight-gram piece of bubble gum contained six grams of sugar. That sugar level is 75 percent of the total volume of the gum. 

Sugar-Free Gum Is Healthier for Teeth

Dentists and other oral-health specialists often provide gum-addicted patients with sugar-free gum brands to protect their patients' oral health. Sugar-free gum provides the dental health benefits associated with chewing without introducing excessive sugar into the mouth. 

As a result, people who enjoy gum can improve their dental health while indulging in a stick or two of their favorite brand. The broad variety of sugar-free brands include both those designed strictly for enjoyment and types with ingredients that improve oral health.  

Not All Sugar-Free Gum Is Equal 

Many manufacturers create sugar-free gum, which is why there are so many variations in flavor and oral-health treatment effectiveness on the market. For example, some manufacturers integrate various chemicals that consumers may not be comfortable putting in their mouth. Other designers add edible plastics to increase the strength and elasticity of the gum. 

Avoid sugar-free gums with plastic if you are allergic to plastic or other types of synthetic products. Make sure to check the ingredient listing to find gums that integrate mint and other natural items. Ingredients like mint make gum healthier and support your overall dental health. Other sugar-free gum brands may include ingredients like fluoride to improve further their ability to fight off dental infections.  

Buy a small sample of several sugar-free gum brands and try them out before investing in a large volume. Find a brand that produces consistently tasty flavors that you enjoy chewing. People who enjoy their sugar-free gum will be more likely to enjoy it regularly, which could increase their overall dental health.  

A switch to sugar-free gum may help protect the oral health of many people. However, a change in gum habits cannot fix a person's true dental damage, such as cavities. Dental help is necessary to correct any real oral health problems. Please contact Moana Dental Care if you suffer from any of these issues and need help regaining healthy teeth. 

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