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What is Perio Protect? 



5 Preventative Measures to Ensure Good Oral Health


Taking care of your teeth and gums should be a practice that lasts a lifetime. Good oral hygiene as part of a daily routine can help ensure a healthy smile. While your daily routine should obviously include brushing and flossing, you can promote good oral health in other ways too. Here are five ways to ensure good dental practice for life.

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The Basics of Canker Sores


Canker sores are extremely common, yet most people are not aware of how to properly treat or prevent them. Keep reading to learn more about canker sores.

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3 Bad Habits That Damage Your Teeth


While most people are familiar with the fact that lifestyle choices like smoking can impact the health of your smile, some people don’t realize that other simple choices can also damage your teeth and gums, leaving you with urgent dental problems.

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5 Ways to Keep Bad Breath Away


Bad breath isn't a label any person wants to have, but one in every four people deals with this condition. Less-than-pleasant breath is common, but more importantly, it's preventable. If you suffer from bad breath, learn what steps you can take to leave the foul odors behind.

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